Cosmetic Smile Correction by DentsDesign Dental Clinic in Pune

If you want to leave your long-lasting impression, then it’s imperative that you have a lovely smile. However, there can be times when crooked and pale teeth might force people to stay away from you.
So, the best way to free yourself from this chaotic situation is to approach DentsDesign – pioneers of cosmetic dentistry! With cosmetic dentistry, we at DentsDesign will uplift your appearance by making corrections in your teeth and gums in terms of alignment, colour, shape, size, position and also in the appearance of your smile.

Veneer & Laminates

Several times, we have uneven gaps between our teeth along with abnormal shape and colour. But DentsDesign has a perfect solution to these problems and that’s Veneers. Veneers are a super thin and customised porcelain laminate that is fused directly to the teeth, thus help in curtailing aforementioned problems. Moreover, being one of the most famous cosmetic dentistry in Pune, DentsDesign has a lot of success stories to narrate!

DentsDesign_Veneer & Laminates

Teeth Whitening

Who likes to show off a smile that is yellow and pale? But rest assured, DentsDesign will help you leave all your worries behind. As DentsDesign is well-equipped with latest technology, so we make use of laser technology that helps in improving the shade of teeth and gums. Not only this, but DentsDesign also makes arrangements for orthodontic treatment like wires and braces. Moreover, if you are looking for an alternative for traditional metal braces, then clear aligners or invisible aligners can be implemented. The best part is – these aligners are invisible, comfortable, easy to clean and most importantly made of sturdy plastic. These aligners are carefully fabricated by DentsDesign to suit every individual’s mouth.


Tooth Jewellery

Along with smile, every person wants to be fashionable and glamorous. Apart from body piercing, tattoo, there’s one more that’s sweeping the world – tooth jewellery. Now you can flash your smile with a dashing tooth jewellery and DentsDesign can make that happen! Are you thinking that it will harm your teeth? Then absolutely not; as these gems are bonded to your teeth and there’s no pain, no drilling, no infection and no harm to your teeth. Moreover, you can customize your tooth jewellery as per your facial aesthetics too! So, now you know where you need to head to for your tooth jewellery!


Smile Makeover

Every person once in a while needs a smile makeover but the costing might discourage them. So, we DentsDesign are giving them a solution in form of Dental Packages which are cost-friendly and customised too. Now flash a beautiful and wide smile with our amazing packages that will suit each pocket and suit each requirement.


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Get that perfect and intriguing smile with smile correction treatment.

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