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Every person once in a while needs a smile makeover but the costing might discourage them. So, we DentsDesign are giving them a solution in form of Dental Packages which are cost-friendly and customized too.
Now flash a beautiful and wide smile with our amazing packages that will suit each pocket and suit each requirement.

Bridal And Groom Package

Wedding is like a fairy-tale moment for every groom and bride. They want everything to be perfect right from their accessories, clothes and amongst this, their million – dollar smile plays an integral role. There are hundreds of guests who come to catch a glimpse of their look and likewise the camera also keeps flashing capturing their moment.
Amidst this, it is very important to sport a beautiful smile and to do so, we DentsDesign are here to help you to the fullest. Flash that beautiful smile to make your wedding moment memorable only with DentsDesign!

DentsDesign_Wedding Package

Corporate Package

Every company is extremely thoughtful about its employees and so they make it a point to conduct health checkups every now and then. Just like a full body checkup, dedicated dental checkup is also imperative. So, DentsDesign along with its zealous team offers some amazing corporate packages.
We and our entire team make sure to test common ailments of each and every employee with utmost dedication. We value them to the fullest and make sure to give them the best comfort ever!

DentsDesign_Corporate Package

Students Package

Are you a student and can’t afford oral treatments? Do you want to rectify your teeth by wearing braces, but costing is giving you goosebumps? Then, it's time to head to DentsDesign because we have dedicated packages for students. Flash your IDs and we will make sure to give you discounts and customise packages that will suit your requirement and pocket too.
Need any counselling with any dental treatment, then that will be covered too!

DentsDesign_Student Package

Senior Citizens Package

With growing age, senior citizens are exposed to various health problems and dental complications are also one of them! Their frustration reaches at a peak when they are unable to afford their medical expenses. So, DentsDesign has designed a special package for senior citizens where we cater to all their needs.
We not only counsel, but guide them about checkups, dentures, oral hygiene, etc. Just walk-in with your age proof and we are sure you will be a regular at DentsDesign!

DentsDesign_Senior Citizen Package

Annual Checkups & Cleaning Package

It is extremely important to keep a check on your dental health because you have no idea what rests in there? A small negligence and it can lead to sores, herpes, infection, cysts, etc.
So, we at DentsDesign have designed annual checkups and cleaning packages that are not only affordable but apt to manage your oral health. We include preventive checkups, fluoride treatment, x-rays if necessary, etc. So, without wasting any moment enroll with DentsDesign’s ultimate annual checkups and cleaning packages to get maximum benefit.

dentsdesign_Annual Checkup

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