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A general dentist is your primary care dental provider. We at DentsDesign diagnoses, treats, and manages your overall oral health care needs, including gum care, root canals, fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, and preventive education.

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Gone are the days, when root canal would go on for more than 2 sittings. Exceeding time, tedious tasks, painful procedure would dishearten patients from visiting the dentist. But thanks to the latest technology, today root canal can be undertaken in just one sitting and that too painless. And DentsDesign Dental Clinic in Pune is proud to be the owner of this advanced technology, which caters in single sitting and painless procedure.
Well, root canal is a treatment that helps in repairing and saving a tooth that is badly decayed or is infected. In this process, we remove nerve or pulp and the inner part of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and sealed. As the margin of sitting has now reduced, it also reduces pain and time making it immensely easier for the patient.


Crowns, Caps, Bridges

Sometimes, some fatal accidents leave us scarred for a lifetime and one of them can be missing teeth. Missing tooth not only plays a spoilsport while smiling but can also change the alignment of your face leading to sagging and difficulty in speaking. This situation may not only lead to physical, but also emotional meltdown and so DentsDesign Dental Clinic suggests a savior – crowns.
Crowns or caps or bridges replace one or more missing teeth after undertaking root canal as it helps in providing strength to the tooth. Moreover, DentsDesign Dental clinic in Pune give you a chance to choose the material for your crown – metal, metal ceramic, full ceramic and zirconia ceramic.

DentsDesign_Crowns, Caps, Bridges

Cleaning & Polishing

It is extremely important to keep a check on your dental health because you have no idea what rests in there? A small negligence and it can lead to sores, herpes, infection, cysts, etc. So, we at DentsDesign Dental Clinic in Pune have designed annual checkups and cleaning packages that are not only affordable but apt to manage your oral health.
We include preventive checkups, fluoride treatment, x-rays if necessary, etc. So, without wasting any moment enroll with our Pune's Best dental clinic ultimate annual checkups and cleaning packages to get maximum benefit.

DentsDesign_Cleaning & Polishing

Oral surgeries & Wisdom Tooth Extraction

At times, teeth undergo extensive damage which cannot be cured with treatment and so they have to be extracted. At DentsDesign Dental Clinic in Pune, we have well-equipped ambience that helps in effortless and comfortable tooth extraction. Moreover, we specialise in extraction of the wisdom tooth, which can become a painful occurrence.
Sometimes, wisdom tooth gets stuck in the gums, decays, comes partially, but DentsDesign Dental Clinic is an expert in handling such situations. We effortlessly undertake complex surgeries taking into consideration patient’s comfort.

DentsDesign_Oral surgeries & Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Pediatric & Geriatric Dentistry

More than adults, it’s the kids who panic the most and making them comfortable is what DentsDesign Dental Clinic in Pune eyes for! When the kid first steps in, we assure to wipe out his fear, build trust and confidence so that the procedures go smoothly. Not just this, but to avoid damage to their teeth, we also provide pit and fissure sealants – that helps in curtailing the decay of teeth. These sealants are a boon as they prevent harmful bacteria from mounting on the tooth.

Tooth loss in elderly patients is a common sight which can be caused due to bleeding, bone loss, etc. But due to it, there many elderlies who drain down emotionally as well as physically because they can’t chew their food or find difficulty while speaking. But our dental clinic in Pune has a solution in the form of dentures or artificial teeth that can bring back their confidence. We care for our elderly patients and want them to cherish a healthy lifestyle. So, we provide them the best in dentures, which are customised, light in weight, proper fit, comfortable that help them eat and talk properly.

DentsDesign_Pediatric & Geriatric Dentistry

Wondering how to deal with Root Canal

DentsDesign Dental Clinic in Pune provides Painless Root Canal Treatment and Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment in Pune.

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