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We lose our teeth due to varied reasons, then it can be due to accident, mental trauma, gum disease, negligence, lack of oral hygiene, etc. Whatever the reason might be, dental implants have always been a savior in such situations and for senior citizens, dentures are a bliss to boost their oral functionality. With dental implants, a person gains confidence, motivation and restores his/her verbal amicability. Well, dental implant is a surgical component that is made up of titanium that borders the bones of the jaw to support artificial dental element or prosthetics like crown, bridge or denture. If you are worried that dental implants can be done on single missing tooth?
Then, you are wrong, as it can be undertaken on multiple missing teeth too. In fact, we DentsDesign Dental Clinic in Pune – as a trusted dentist in Pune, suggest that the implant is a better option rather than opting for a bridge because bridge compromises adjacent teeth too. Implants are placed in jaw where the gum and bone quality are top-notch. However, in exceptional cases, when bone and gums aren’t aligned or compromised, then we opt either for procedures like – sinus lift procedure, bone grafts or soft tissue graft. It doesn’t matter whether your prosthetics are fixed or removable, because implants can be used likewise.

CBCT Guided Implant

Dental implants are the titanium screws which we put inside the bone with help of small surgery if single or multiple teeth are missing. It works on principle of osseointegration where this titanium forms a firm bond with bone. Dental implant support the prosthesis like crown, bridges or dentures. Here at Dentsdesign Dental Clinic in Pune, we believe in advanced technology where we put implant which are cbct guided. Cone Beam Computed Tomography [CBCT] is a newer dental imaging which helps in planning implant position and selection of the length and width of the implant to be used. It can also clearly demarcate or relate the relationship of vital structures to planned implant position.
This case report describes systematic approach to a CBCT based implant planning and surgical guidance. The easy steps, result in transferring the accurate detail to the surgical site and there by achieving success. With the help of this stud we fabricate surgical guides which helps us for exact implant placement in decided area which minimizes chances of wrong implant placement. This provides lot of ease to surgeon as well as patient as requires minimal time with minimal blood field. We at recommend every patient to opt for cbct guided implant tooth replacement.


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Dental implants, a revolution in dentistry, are the perfect solution to replace missing teeth.

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