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Laser treatment is a tissue-preserving, regenerative, and bone-building procedure. In general dentistry, the dentist uses a laser to access an infected pocket to kill the infected tissue and bacteria. Lasers are safe and effective for treating cavities in both kids and adults.
Laser dentistry can also be used for soft tissue treatments, like with the exposure of wisdom teeth or swollen gums from braces. Another benefit of laser treatment on soft tissue is that sutures aren't necessary.

Teeth Whitening

In today’s world, whitening of teeth is considered to be the next big thing and you must choose laser whitening. Laser whitening is a technique wherein a beam of laser which helps in accelerating the process of bleaching, is exposed upon the teeth. Once done, you can brag your ever-white teeth and believe it or not, it's been said that laser whitening is more effective than any other teeth whitening procedures.
And if you are looking for a pioneer in laser whitening to enhance your appearance, then DentsDesign should be your ultimate choice.


Soft Tissue Crown Lengthening

There are times, when the teeth are much smaller than the gums or the gums are uneven, thus leading to a gummy smile. For this, we at DentsDesign lower the gum line and the bone beneath it, to get you that million-dollar smile. Apart from smile, this procedure helps in having an even gum line and also makes the teeth look longer. And to achieve all this, we have to deal with the tissues and so we make use of high-tech laser technology like dental soft tissue laser that till date has given us pleasing results.
Not only this, but the laser also helps in sterilizing the targeted areas that are engulfed with bacteria.

DentsDesign_Soft Tissue Crown Lengthening

Dental Soft Tissue Laser

Pain is a major spoilsport which detaches a person from visiting a dentist. But what if this pain can be alleviated? Yes, and it can be successfully undertaken by dental soft tissue laser wherein you can be free from pain without anaesthesia while dealing with your tissues.
Dental Soft Tissue Laser is a blessing as it is considered as one of the most innovative tools in modern dentistry. With this laser, you can also experience minimal scarring and the tissues can be cut and sealed, thus avoiding post-operative distress.


Gum Depigmentation

Sometimes, genetics play a spoilsport and affects the gums, making it darker or pale. Not just this, but excess melanin, smoking, chewing tobacco, side-effects of medications, etc., can also lead to gum pigmentations. And who wants to flaunt a smile with gums like these? But DentsDesign has a solution wherein we help you in Laser Gum Depigmentation. In this process, we vaporize and eliminate the thin layer of the gum tissue, thus abolishing the cells that produce melanin. So, during the healing process a new tissue is created and it can be brown or pink. Moreover, once the treatment is done, you can get back to your routine and healing takes about 2-3 weeks. As DentsDesign is one of the most trusted dentist in Pune, we make sure to be technologically advanced and thus make use of ultra-modern laser treatment.

DentsDesign_Gum Depigmentation.jpg

Laser Biostimulation of TMJ

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorders are a group of problems that are related to the jaw. These disorders are identified if you experience symptoms like pain or a ‘clicking sound’ and it so happens because the joints of the jaw and the chewing muscles do not exercise simultaneously. While some TMJ might lead to serious problems, but early detection and treatment can turn fruitful if you approach DentsDesign.
Despite the treatment being tedious, we at DentsDesign assure our co-operation and efficacy in making our patients comfortable and their jaws healthy. So, we make use of low level laser therapy (LLLT) that has been supremely beneficial in treating TMJ disorders by reducing discomfort, pain, swelling and inflammation too!

DentsDesign_Biostimulation of TMJ

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